Playa Gigante's bay

Playa Gigante’s tranquil bay harbors modest pangas from the hardworking fishing families that inhabit this charming village and it’s coastline features small hostels, two surf camps and local restaurants serving up the fresh catch of the day.  Perfectly located walking distance from world class surf breaks, Gigante has become quite the ideal tourist destination, especially for those looking to escape the hustle and transparency of San Juan del Sur.  Culturally authentic with stunning sunsets, Gigante’s dirt road parallels the beach, offering images of wandering pigs, playing children and saddled horses tied up at the local watering hole.  It’s evident that a beautiful collision of the old Nicaraguan cowboy and fisherman with new world surfers and adventure seekers makes up the uniqueness of this community, but it’s the small town charm that keeps people coming back time and time again.  If you are looking for bustling nightlife and pavement, you should wander elsewhere, but if relaxing in the hammock, sharing a beer with the locals, loosening up with yoga, and playing in the ocean all fill your bucket list, then Gigante is your perfect paradise.

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