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The main activities in Playa Gigante include: Surfing, Fishing, Yoga, and Hiking. Gigante has two all inclusive surf camps, Dale Dagger Surf Tours and Giant’s Foot surf for those who are looking for a high end surf experience with boats and all the comforts of home. There is one hostel in town called Camino de Gigante in which also offers boat trips, sailing trips, several different kinds of accommodations and a full service restaurant. A few independent vacation rentals have sprouted up all over town including Dale’s cool places to stay at the North end of the beach, and Casa Swell up on the hill on the main road coming into Gigante. Little local spots have guest rooms as well, including Margarita’s Mirador above her restaurant, and Blue Sol for the budget traveler.

The Pulperia Emperatriz is the main store in town in which you can find pretty much everything you need from chicken to granola to red wine to crazy glue. Emperatriz is learning English and is very helpful and knowledgeable. Our home surf break is Playa Amarillo, which also happens to be the most beautiful beach around, and is a short five minute walk from the town of Gigante. If you are looking to give back, there are two non-profit organizations helping to guide the locals in a positive direction, Project WOO and the Sweet Water Fund. They usually work side by side and Project WOO offers volunteer opportunities. P L A Y A G I G A N T E . C O M

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