Lot 46 Prana Del Sol | Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Lot 46 is in on top of the first hill of Prana del Sol off the main road with an easy driveway access and a flat, ocean view building surface at the top of the large property.    It has spectacular views… 180 degrees with neighbors really only on one side.  There are two potential road […]

Lot 62 in Prana del Sol Nicaragua

Lot 62 is a gorgeous corner lot on the middle hill of Prana del Sol looking over the main country road, Gigante’s bay and the lush valley behind.  It is high enough to see the ocean, but not too high that you don’t want to walk back and forth to the beach, and has beautiful […]

Lot 57 in Prana del Sol Nicaragua

Lot 57 is located on the first incline of the Prana del Sol community adjacent to the main road with easy access.  The lot is prime location for an easy build and great terrace garden potential and has beautiful trees on the upper part of the lot.     __________________ Name:  Lot 57 Size:  1390 […]

Prana del Sol Plot Map

The Prana del Sol community is only a five minute walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, as well as the charming village of Gigante that has more stores and restaurants than the surrounding developments on the Tola coast.

Lot 28 in Prana del Sol Nicaragua

Lot 28 is a large lot located on the North edge of Prana del Sol overlooking the lush valley surrounding the back road of Gigante as well as a nice top view of the Prana del Sol community.  From a second story, you could see the ocean and it has a nice flat building pad […]