With Gigante still on the up and up, the restaurant scene is like walking through a neighborhood and having dinner on the porch of a nice little old lady.   It seems like every house also sells some kind of meal or beverage, so there’s definitely no lack of food around these parts.  If you want a dining experience, with contemporary ambiance and soft jazz, you probably won’t find it here.  There are, however, a couple of really fun watering holes that offer different food besides typical Nica fare, and a lot of really great local spots that serve a giant plate full of the catch of the day, rice and beans and tostones.  Hey, what’s wrong with that?

For a gringo scene with American friendly menu’s, check out Party Wave Gigante, Camino del Gigante, and Blue Sol.  As a rule of thumb at a Nica restaurant, you should always stick to food that Nicaraguan’s do best.  That being said, you can pretty much bet that at any given Nica restaurant in Gigante, you’ll find chicken or fish, fried or grilled, with gallo pinto, tostones or fries and a cabbage salad for around one hundred cordobas.  If you aren’t into experimenting with food, this option is consistently decent, every time.