Hotels and lodging in our little village of Playa Gigante were often few and far between until the last couple of years, when a few have popped up all around town.  Although the demand is quite high, accommodations aren’t exactly abundant, so it’s a good idea to book your room ahead of time.  The most lodging available in Gigante is at Camino de Gigante Hostel which is at the South end of the beach and if you are looking for a whole house to rent for a group, try Casa Laguna on the main road in town.   For smaller, unique vacation rentals, the old surfing legend, Dale Dagger owns little casitas up on the North end of the beach and Casa Swell up on the hill is a nice, quaint alternative with an ocean view and a pool.

There are two surf camps in town for those with a little higher budget, and looking for the all inclusive adventure: Dale Dagger’s Surf Lodge, and Giant’s Foot Surf.   In the off season (winter months) both surf lodges also have regular hotel lodging available.

For the budget traveler, there are guest rooms available above Margarita’s Mirador restaurant and next to the Blue Sol restaurant right in the square of town.  Other local homes have dirt floor rooms for rent as well if you are looking for the ultimate cultural experience.


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