Surf Camps

Often times when people think of a “surf camp” they think of a place where you go to learn how to surf.  Here in Nicaragua, especially where we are located in between several world class surf breaks, the allure is a bit different.  In Gigante, we have two surf camps, Dale Dagger Surf Lodge (not to be confused with Dale Dagger’s rentals) and the Giants Foot surf camp.   These particular surf camps mostly cater to intermediate to advanced surfers, and are more for the adventurer who still wants comfort, and above all, to surf as much as possible.   Both camps take you to the surf via boat, so you never have to drive in a pickup truck down a dusty road.  Their wave knowledge is incomparable, they are on the beach, can get to you the waves faster than anyone, and get you home in time for lunch.

surf camp comp. experience

Now don’t let the fact that they cater to intermediate or advanced surfers sway you if you are a beginner.   Both camps have very patient and fun surf guides who offer surf lessons and they have had great success getting their beginner surfer guests onto waves.  It’s just the all inclusive experience that makes it easier for you to focus on surfing, and less on trying to pick a restaurant or make your own food.   These camps are fun, comfortable, clean, extremely accommodating, and definitely the way to go for the ultimate surf vacation.

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