Lot 28 in Prana del Sol Nicaragua

IMG_9933fxsLot 28 is a large lot located on the North edge of Prana del Sol overlooking the lush valley surrounding the back road of Gigante as well as a nice top view of the Prana del Sol community.  From a second story, you could see the ocean and it has a nice flat building pad with easy access, but still high up on the hill for great views and cross breezes.

Name:  Lot 28
Size:  2479.76 m2
Price:  $28,000 USD
Plot map:  Click here
Contact: daledagger@gmail.com

The Prana del Sol community is only a five minute walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, as well as the charming village of Gigante that has more stores and restaurants than the surrounding developments on the Tola coast. This is a new development with very few houses and like-minded owners who have agreed on yearly maintenance fees to build initial infrastructure (roads, gutters, drains, etc.) and those maintenance fees will be applied to future services (garbage, security, street lights, etc.) as the community develops. The maintenance fees reside at $400 per year for 1-3 lots. The maintenance projects are decided by a steering committee driven by the majority of the owners in Prana del Sol and all projects are done for the benefit of the community as a whole.

All it takes to buy a lot is a copy of your passport, signature on the sales agreement, and a 15% deposit via wire transfer. The balance is usually due within the next two months, and is negotiable with the owner. If you plan on visiting Nicaragua, we can take you to the lawyers office to get all the paperwork in, and it is a very simple process that doesn’t take too much time. If not, a limited power of attorney can be made available and all documents can be sent to you via secure mail. Many people choose the power of attorney option as sometimes the Nicaraguan registry system can take months to complete.

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