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Location, location location.
Playa Gigante is conveniently located walking distance from two world class surf breaks, Playa Colorado, and Panga Drops.  A short boat ride will get you to the gorgeous rock faced left point break of Manzanillo and many other breaks along the coast.  The original owner of the Prana del Sol acreage was the first to surf these breaks back in 1978 and strategically chose Gigante as his nesting point to be in prime position to follow the perfect swell patterns.  He also knew that because of our close proximity to Lake Nicaragua, that we would have the unique benefit of offshore winds all day long and nearly every day of the year; something a passionate surfer could only dream of back home.


So we encourage you to come and visit our little neck of the woods, contribute to the local economy of women selling their crafts, have a bite at our local restaurants serving up fresh catch of the day, and take a front row seat for our epic sunsets here in Playa Gigante and Prana del Sol.  There are still twenty-four lots available in our like-minded community, and our hope is co-exist harmoniously in our Nicaraguan paradise while living the dream.

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