Real Estate

Prana del Sol is a unique community.  Void of the label of “development” the owners of the small, sixy-eight parcel acreage have agreed to continue developing and creating the infrastructure of the community themselves after purchasing raw land from the original owner.  Perfectly located on a West facing hillside set back from the charming fishing village of Playa Gigante and overlooking the great Pacific Ocean, Prana del Sol is the ideal spot for any passionate surfer, entrepeneur, culture seeker, gardener or anyone looking to experience the real Nicaragua without the strict beurocracy of high-end developments.

Yes we have Nicaraguan neighbors… isn’t that the point?”
An often misconstrued idea of living in Nicaragua is that you must live in a gated community with six security checkpoints, steep HOA fees, strict laws, sports bar restaurants with high gringo prices and not an even an ounce of knowledge of the Spanish language.  There are plenty of developments like that if that is what you prefer, but in Prana del Sol, we  are nestled into the hillside of the up and coming surf mecca of Playa Gigante and have chosen to be a part of the Nicaraguan culture and it’s positive growth.  A charming village filled with Nicaraguan fisherman and farmers, Gigante is the gateway to world class surf breaks, has more stores and restaurants than any high class development on the Tola coast, and has wonderful, warm and friendly inhabitants.  If you wanted to live in a place where all your neighbors spoke English, you spent your days indoors watching television and eating overpriced restaurant food, then you could just live in America.  Gigante is the contrary, a completely authentic village with fresh fish caught daily,  barefoot kids, beach front rum shacks and cows strolling the beach.  It is also the fastest growing area in Nicaragua, and with the recent addition of the paved road coming all the way in, and genuine interest from the neighboring world famous development of Guacalito de la Isla, we are in for great change toward a forever small, inspired, authentic fun little surf town with endless potential for commerce, and always full of characters that will leave a lasting impression for a lifetime.


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