There are several little pulperia’s in town where one can find most of their needs.  If you are looking to do actual grocery shopping, this would be like shopping at 7-11.  Pulperia Emperatris on the ocean road in Gigante is the main store and classified as a mini super.  She has pretty much anything you could possibly need from chicken to wine to almond milk to vegetables to phone minutes.  She has the most gringo friendly store on this entire coast and people drive for miles to shop there.   The things she won’t have are hardware items, fresh herbs, clothing or dog and cat food.  For those extras, you will have to take the trek to Rivas.



Rivas is an agricultural town and is filled with hardware stores and feed shops.  Here you will find the biggest and best grocery store in town called Maxi Pali.  Maxi Pali is the closest thing that we’ve got to a real grocery store and is actually air-conditioned.  You will find most of what you are looking for here, unless you are on the search for specialty foods, then you will need to find Mini Super San Carlos in downtown Rivas near the police station.   San Carlos offers things like brown rice, specialty wines, dark chocolate, coconut milk, exotic spices, American cereals, kalamata olives, cheddar cheese, and flax seed.


If looking for clothes that are semi in fashion, you might want to head over to Jeseylin’s     which is a block from San Carlos, located on the corner heading into the market, behind the police station.  The prices are a bit pricier than most places, but totally affordable for the quality you get.  They have cute shoes, bikini’s, earrings, dresses, tops, sunglasses, and flip flops.  They also carry better quality household items than the rest of the market, like curtains, bath mats, mirrors, etc.  We also recommend the Bodegon Pacas near Tropigas for the best selection of used American clothing, or as they say “Ropa Americana”.   Sometimes the used stuff, is the best quality around, and the locals know that, so don’t expect your normal thrift store prices.